Apartment house 1021


Suitable for pets.

Environment : Free parking.

Info : Check in : 14:00 h , Check out : 10:00 h.

Distance :
Distance from sea : 400m
Distance from beach : 1300m
Distance from center : 450m
Distance from shop : 350m
Distance from restaurant : 400m

Accommodation units

Region : Island Krk

The data on island colonization associated with the Illyrian tribe Japoden Liburna and then the Greeks, when the island of Krk belongs Elektridskim or Apsirtidskim. Roman lead to the end of the old era and the first century AD. However by the end of the 6th century Croats began to settle on the island become an absolute majority. On the island of Krk is very early Christianity arrived and is already in the 5th century. N. e. formed the diocese with the center in the city of Krk and the first known Bishop Andrew (680). Croats settled in families by castles and therefore today the island has four distinct dialect. At the end of the 12th century. Emerge from these genera and the famous Dukes of Krk-Frankopan. It is the only family on the Adriatic islands to develop its power in European razmjerima- originated from Vrbnik, and their estates were spread on the mainland: Trsat, Copper, Kraljevica, Crikvenica, Novi Vinodolski, Otocac, Brinje, etc. And are Frankopani at the peak of his powers possessed territory equal to half of today's Croatian.

Place : Punat

The town of Punat is situated in the southwest part of the Island of Krk, in one of the most protected bays on the Adriatic. Here, amidst the mild Mediterranean and the contrasts between the blue and the green, is the home of hospitable people to whom the climate has given the mildness and the rock and the sea have given them care and diligence. All the charm of the simple seaside ambience in the town of Punat comes from the narrow little streets, the passages, the terraces and the taverns keeping good wines, the primal whiteness of the nearby gravely beaches, and the vineyards and olive groves surrounded by rock. Punat also has a true gem in the middle of the bay – the islet of Košljun. These treasures encouraged the local people to invite guests to their town and enjoy Punat and its beauties together with them. This is why numerous tourist facilities have sprung here in Punat – we enrich them day by day because more and more people fall in love with Punat.

Interesting to visit

  • Under the protection of the Diocese of Krk, only one church dedicated to the Bishop of Rome and disciple of St. Peter and St. Clement. This miniature, but worth Romanesque edifice stands amidst Klimno, the place was named after the church, whose first mention dates in 1381. year. Small volume, the church of St. Clement boasts valuable baroque altar relief fallen, which has been declared a national monument.The church of St Clement in Klimno in his family belonged to the beginnings Malatestinić from nearby Solin. Memorial to the then prestigious (apparently wealthy) family still exists. Their last name is carved on the lintel angular Glagolitic house near the church. With a last name and year Malatestinić standing 1514th

  • Ingredients for 6 persons • 30 salted fish (sardines or anchovies) • 2 dl olive oil • 10 grams of onions (onions) Salt fish is cleaned, reorders on a plate and cover with olive oil. Until it reorders uzrezanu onions and serve.

  • Ingredients for 6 persons • 1 dl olive oil • 50 g. • rice squid ink • 1 onion (onions) • 1 liter fish soup • parsley, salt, pepper • 1 oz sherry grated goat cheese Sauté finely chopped onion in olive oil. When it turns golden, add the rice, squid ink and fish soup (add gradually), sherry, salt and pepper. Cook until the rice is tender, and at the end add the parsley and grated goat cheese.

  • Ingredients: 0.50 kg • flour • 2 Eggs • Baking powder • 1 bag of powdered sugar fat, salt from the ingredients dough, roll out and cut into various shapes, and fry until golden fat or oil. Drain well. Sprinkle with sugar while hot and serve (hot and the cold).